If you hide information as though you've done something incorrect or illegal, what is the other side to think? This is not a democratic or republican problem this is a citizen’s problem.

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This will be much more than just about voting. I'm not suggesting that anybody has been deceptive, or committed any crime, in regard to voting.

When Senator Reed, the leader of the Senate while Barack Obama was president, changed the voting rules for the Senate, the minority leader Mitch McConnell correctly stated you will regret this for the democrats will not always be in charge of the Senate. Mitch McConnell was correct, and proceeded to use the same rules we democrats put in place to appoint hundreds of federal judges when the Republicans gained control of the Senate.

Now the perceived advantage the democrats have held in the past with our ability to organize the vote is being used by the republicans. I was listening to Sean Hannity on the radio the other day and he was talking about rallying the republicans to vote early, volunteer at the voting precincts, and make sure every one of our votes counts just like the democrats do.

No, I do not make a habit of listening to Sean Hannity, I find him a repetitive irritating self-centered person. Somebody must like him because he's been on the air for a long time. I make it my business to listen to everyone so that I can find the truth between the lines of the lies and half-truths.

Only a fool would listen to one side of an argument and make his mind up. If that statement upsets you then I suggest you examine whether you've been foolish or not and seek out more information to support your opinions, or to form more informed opinions.

Let us return to the issue at hand, voting. There are many examples on both sides of the aisle of people thinking they've been robbed of their rightful seat because of cheating at the ballot box. Whether it be Tracy Abram in Georgia’s gubernatorial election, Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, President Trump in the very publicized 2020 presidential election, or Kari Lake’s most recent gubernatorial challenge in Arizona. Could it be any of them were correct?

We the people do not know. When various government agents are challenged about the election results, they stonewall, deny, and deflect to avoid giving the other side the information they need to trust the election results. The appearance of a lie is just as detrimental as if a lie had been committed.

If you hide information as though you've done something incorrect or illegal, what is the other side to think? This is not a democratic or republican problem this is a citizen’s problem. If you think it's OK to steal an election because you think you have right on your side, then you only have to look at what happened to the senate after Senator Reed made his changes to understand that this process could work in both directions.

It was several years ago when Speaker Gingrich proclaimed right wing social engineering is no better than left-wing social engineering. I hope, I have made the case to my fellow Americans that this is the year 2024, and we have a right to a secure election that we the people know is fair and legal by the standards put forth to protect our society from corruption.

The states are free to conduct an election anyway they see fit. They do not have the right to cheat, steal, and lie in order to disenfranchise other states' citizens and affect the outcome of a federal election. For these reasons I think it is time to have a federal ID card with an embedded chip and biometrics to ensure the person holding that card owns that card and it must be presented at the polling place to receive a ballot to vote in a federal election.

The ballot should have a QR code on it that will associate it with the card owner. When the ballot goes through the machine to be counted it would be easy to find fraudulent votes because there should not be more than one ballot with that QR code associated to a citizen’s vote.

We have wasted billions of dollars on voting machines over the past decades, and we still do not have an uncorruptible voting system. We already require the real ID or a passport before you can fly on a plane, or to gain access to a federal building. Right behind immigration reform, this will be one of the very first things I work on as a member of the senate. That, you have my word on.

With over 20 million unidentified illegal immigrants and asylum seekers wandering about our country not knowing who they are or what their intentions are, I would not think this is an unreasonable requirement for an American citizen. Remember we do not have to like it, but this is the world we now live in because of what has taken place. Now we just have to deal with it and clean it up.

No citizen of our country should be disenfranchised in our own country by anybody who's not a citizen. My loyalty and empathy always lie with my fellow citizens because we have a right to be here, it's our country. Freedom is not free, it has responsibilities connected to it, and one of those responsibilities is to protect our country for future generations.

Thank You,