Testers Voting

The last thing I'm going to say about Jon Tester to my fellow citizens in Montana is simply this, how many times do you have to be lied to before you stand up and say enough is enough and call a liar a liar?

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I cannot hold your attention to explain 18 years of Jon Tester's voting record. I do not want to mis-characterize Jon Tester's contribution to our country. My purpose is to explain his voting record and try to make sense of his decisions by drawing conclusions based on the totality of his record.

Some of his votes I would have made the same decision. Many of his votes make no sense other than to state, “I am a Democrat, and I am not likely to support a Republican idea”. This is the reason that I say Jon Tester needs to retire. He is not a free agent to run the country on behalf of our citizens. Jon Tester has been compromised.

I will Focus on some of the more recent votes. We do not know why Jon votes ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on any bill because he has not come forward to leave a definitive record explaining himself.

In February of this year, Jon Tester voted yes to borrow $95 billion in the name of unborn generations and send it to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan to kill people. Do you realize for $95 billion, we could pay the interest on low-income wage earners mortgages and enable people to buy houses that would never be able to otherwise? I'm not suggesting we do that, but if we're going to waste $95 billion on wars, this is a much more noble cause for our citizens.

In 2022 we the Democrats pulled out an abortion bill that had no chance of passing the Senate or the House of Representatives. This was only done because the Supreme Court was making a decision to turn abortion back to the states. Where was Jon Tester from 2009 to 2011 when we had an actual opportunity to do something like this and put this issue behind us?

Neither party wants to fix Washington DC, they make too much money and have too much power and control to actually want to fix the issues that are important to the people of our country.

In 2011 Jon Tester had an opportunity to vote yes on a balance budget amendment. I read this amendment it was a good piece of legislation. He and every Democrat in the Senate voted no. Party politics as usual.

September of 2020 Jon Tester voted no on a human rights policy act condemning China for their behavior and treatment of the Uyghurs. What would it cost Jon to cross the aisle and join the Republicans in condemning the Chinese communist party for their systematic destruction of this entire group of people within their borders? Party politics as usual. This time the bill passed despite Jon's vote.

Jon wants to talk tough about blocking Chinese companies from buying property in the United States because they're Chinese communist. Well, it may surprise you, but they've been communist since 1949, they've been communist the entire time Jon has been in the United States Senate. I guess Jon was waiting to see what his election donors wanted him to say.

The Chinese communist party has a doctrine that says the companies that want to do business in China must partner with a Chinese company and turn over all trade secrets to the Chinese company. Our American corporations are so desperate to be able to access the Chinese market, which has three times the industrial capacity of the United States, they are willing to do anything to chase the almighty dollar.

Our companies have successfully hollowed out our middle class by sending good paying jobs to our adversaries. They have put us in the untenable position that we are solely dependent on Chinese Communist Party to produce a majority of our day-to-day products. During Covid, our government admitted that 80% of our medication used in this country is produced in China. Congress has not acted to correct this.

Just last year another company in Iowa that builds appliances shut down and move to Mexico. What are you waiting on Jon, when will you stand up and take a stand for the people of Montana and the United States? I say it's too late; we can't trust Jon Tester any longer. You fought President Trump every opportunity you had when he tried to secure the southern border and protect us from illegal immigration. Party politics as usual Jon. Your record is clear on this.

Regardless of the lies you say about this bill that you tried to pass in February called the National Defense Act which gives money to Ukraine and Israel, and was supposed to defend our southern border, I'm glad it was blocked. The amount of people that should come across our southern border illegally is zero. And since the Republicans stood up against this bill that you supported, you twisted and lied, saying it's “their fault the border is open”.

President Biden has the exact same powers that President Trump had. President Biden could close the border. He does not need an additional law. More lies, trying to squeeze us for $95 billion to kill more people. Citizen to citizen, let me tell you Jon I'm disgusted with your lies, half-truths and distortions. You're not in Washington DC protecting our way of life. It's time you come back to Montana and stay here on your third generation farm you keep talking about.

Well, I guess it's time I calm down a little bit, I didn't want to make this a finger pointing event. The last thing I'm going to say about Jon Tester to my fellow citizens in Montana is simply this. How many times do you have to be lied to before you stand up and say enough is enough and call a liar a liar? I don't care what his intentions where, I care about the results of his votes and it is plain to see, our country has not moved forward since Jon Tester went to United States Senate to represent us.

We're $30 trillion deeper in debt, our southern border is wide open, and fentanyl is killing 100,000 of our fellow citizens every year. To understand how big that number is, it's almost twice as large as the amount of people we lost during the entire Vietnam war!

We're sending money overseas to kill more people; how does this make us safer Jon? Our corporations have successfully hollowed out our middle class and sent our jobs overseas to increase their profit margin, if we threw a party for our design engineers in this country, we could put a few picnic tables together and have it in an afternoon. China would need to rent a stadium.

Over 544 banks have collapsed, inflation is raging throughout the country, interest rates are at a 30-year high, the wealth gap is growing. It seems to always come down to money. This is why we need a balance budget amendment.

As you can well imagine I could go on and on and on. My vision for our country is to quit this petty bickering and get on with the business of rebuilding. Look for things we have in common and ignore the 5% that keep pointing to the insignificant little differences that keep popping up. Most of the problems are not even things that Congress will address.

Stop listening to the elites that want to divide us. President Biden hasn't done everything wrong, and he hasn't done everything right. President Trump didn't do everything right and didn't do everything wrong. Even Jon Tester didn't do everything wrong. But he has done enough to get him kicked out of office, in my opinion.

Now put your boots on and let's get busy. And let's get on with the business of being good citizens. If we are going to get past this challenge, we are going to need each other. This will not be easy, and there will be a lot of pain and suffering. Our country is worth saving, and this is our generational challenge. Let us rise to the occasion and solve it for the unborn generations.

Thank You,