My number one concern when I get to Washington DC will be working with anybody that is willing to help fix this problem, we need to shut immigration completely off till we get this under control. I realize that 100% will not be obtainable in this political climate, but that's my goal!


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I am a Realist Liberal Democrat. To understand the relevance of this statement regarding immigration, watching my introduction video will be beneficial in understanding my harsh stance on immigration.

Before we talk immigration, I have a need to explain to you why it will seem that I am even harsher on my fellow Democrats. I define myself as a Realist Liberal Democrat. This is who I am, so when I observe my fellow Democrats saying things that I know to be a lie, a lie being a statement made that is known to be false, or partially false, with the purpose of deceiving or misleading someone, this puts me at a crossroad. I know where many of these roads lead to.

I confess to standing at many crossroads in my life. I know the empty feeling of hopelessness. I am lucky enough that the twist of the oreo was on the left. If it had been on the right, things would be much different for me. Knowing I cannot stand up to every possible lie, and I am not the arbiter of truth, I nevertheless must be able to live with myself. I am not a liar by nature. Since Democrat is how I choose to identify, I am compelled to hold my fellow Democrats to a higher standard.

Some are progressive, wanting to change our society at any cost. I do not share that vision. I think the needs of our country always come first. This is in my self-interest because without our country, the rule of law and my identity as a citizen, nothing else will matter such as an affiliation to a tribe or party. It will all be meaningless.

The lust for power and control only interests me in as much as how I can exert power and control over the government to ensure freedom and security for all of our citizens. I have a continual search for new information that may alter my opinion. Always questioning myself to ensure that I'm using fact and not fiction or feelings to guide me. You have a right to the events and facts that help me make decisions. You also have a right to the events and facts that compel me to change an opinion.

The question is how to make decisions as a leader. I have a framework that I send the questions through. In making laws to control our government, each law must be evaluated. Does it maximize freedom and security for our citizens?

One such law is the Patriot Act which is a 342-page document signed into law by George W. Bush in response to the attack on 9/11 2001, fundamentally changed vast segments of our society and government. He signed this into law 45 days after those 18 men changed the way the world sees Muslims.

George W. Bush started the war on terrorism, only 25 days after the towers came down, by invading Afghanistan on October 7, 2001. It was March 2003 when he escalated it by invading Iraq under false pretense of weapons of mass destruction. When he was campaigning for the presidency, he promised no more nation building. The relevance to this issue of immigration is our leaders lied to us and just 19, mostly Saudi nationals, changed the direction of the entire world in one day.

Eight million people (about half the population of New York) have crossed our southern border in the last three years. What liberties will our government strip from us in order to protect us from the problem they have caused? Always remember, there's no solutions, only trade-offs.

Before we go on, it is important to understand this problem has been plaguing us as long as I have been alive. In the 70’s it was the Vietnamese problem, another war started with a lie by Lyndon B. Johnson. Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 into law, in November 1986, giving 3 million illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship. The border was supposed to be closed. It's obvious they lied. President Bill Clinton, a man I admire greatly, not for his weaknesses of course, he had many, but for his ideals and his ability to bring both parties together to come to a conclusion that would move the country forward.

To understand why I do not hold the same views as many of my fellow Democrats, that have abandoned our core ideals, I suggest you go to YouTube and type in 1996 State of the Union speech. 1 hour and 7 minutes will make you question our party’s motives. You will understand why I think the vocal 5%, mostly owned and operated by the not as smart as they think 1%, have led our country and our party in the wrong direction.

Once again it is immigration. If it was such a good idea, then they would have them in their backyard and not ours. Another core filter is cost benefit analysis. We as a nation are $34 trillion in debt. So how is it paid for, and if we wait, will it cost us more financially to address it in the future? Another filter needed for immigration is the human cost. Cultural, social, and what is humane, to my fellow citizens and the immigrants.

There are many other questions that could be evaluated. I will leave them for another time, we have a big enough mess as it is, and there's no need to complicate this further. Let's try to clear up some of the misinformation connected to immigration.

We are not a nation of immigrants. This is a clever statement that has been used for decades to confuse the issue of immigration. My parents were born in this country and my grandparents were born in this country. I have my allegiance to the United States of America and most every citizen in this country is a native-born person. It is designed to manipulate and deceive the compassionate people of this country.

The next one is diversity is our strength. No, it is not. If diversity were a strength, then Israel would be the most cohesive country in the world. A case can be made that diversity broadens the gene pool, but it is not a strength. Look around you for the proof. People in our country voluntarily self-segregate all the time. Whether it be ethnic, religious, financial or race.

We naturally would like to live around people that we have things in common with. We have a general culture in our country and many subcultures. We the citizens of the United States have a right to our society and our way of life.

When too many people from one area of the world come into our country and self-segregate into a specific location, they will not adopt our culture and live within our society and laws. They will not assimilate into the fabric of our nation. I have seen this firsthand, feeling like an outcast in my own country.

Travel to South Florida. Some areas you will think you have been transported to Cuba. 1.2 million Americans of Cuban descent live in Miami. More than 50 years later and English is not their preferred language and many still identify as Cuban. The American citizens of South Florida were not consulted before the federal government changed their culture forever.

And for the ignorant people out there who want to call me an ugly name to somehow discount my information, I say do if it makes you feel better about yourself. It does not change what I said. Controlled immigration is valuable, uncontrolled immigration is dangerous to our population.

Let's talk about what's happening at the southern border. Despite what you hear in the news, we are not releasing illegal immigrants into our country. It is true they have come across the southern border illegally. They have merely committed a misdemeanor. If we change it to be a felony to cross the border illegally, these people will not be eligible to immigrate, they will be deported immediately. The problem with this is that they have to be tried in a court of law to be declared a felon. That means you need a federal judge and provide them with legal counsel.

So back to immigration. Technically they are illegal until they surrender to a border agent and request asylum. Currently the standard for seeking asylum is extraordinarily low. They are fingerprinted and a picture taken. They are given a court date, depending on where they want to go in our country, this could be 5 to 12 years from now. The system is overwhelmed. This is how they gain access to the interior of our country. They are now refugees.

My heart goes out to these people that have bought into the lie that the United States will be a utopian environment for them. It is not. They are given a ticket to the interior of our country and then they must fend for themselves with no right to work permits. This is how they end up pulling resources out of our local systems. These people, due to no-fault of their own, end up in the lower end of the economic areas of our country. Unfortunately, these are the areas that are least able to handle the influx of people.

Under President Trump the border encounters were 500 a day or less. People living in cities that have declared themselves sanctuary cities were not impacted. Now that President Biden has reversed the policies and made it known worldwide, it's not uncommon to see 12 to 15,000 people a day cross the southern border. They are overwhelming all of the systems in our country.

Not only are these “non-taxpaying” people that have perverted our laws to enable them to stay in our country, but they are also occupying spaces such as schools and public buildings meant for our citizens and absorbing the few resources available for the poor.

It is not the federal government paying for these people, even though it is the federal government’s sole responsibility to protect our population from this happening they are still not paying for their mistakes. It is the states, counties, and cities throughout our nation that are paying the price, and it is a very steep price.

I would like you to sit back, maybe close your eyes and relax. Let your mind wander back to 2020, one video of a police officer with his knee on the back of a man named George Floyd. Think of how this video taken out of context and played over and over again caused uprisings in many cities. People were allowed to riot and burn sections of cities. They assaulted police officers and people died!

Think back to that hot August day in 2014 when Michael Brown was shot dead in the street. Look how easily people adopted the hands up don't shoot stop stance. They were allowed to riot. No one apologized to the people that lost their businesses not even when it was discovered that it was a justified shooting.

I graduated from Golf Coast Community College Officers Academy in 1995, just before I retired from the United States Navy, and moved to Montana in 1996. In December 1996 I graduated from the Montana Highway Patrol Academy. I am very familiar with the matrix of self-defense and the procedures taught to control people.

One more run-down memory Lane. March 2020, Covid discovered to be a huge problem in our country. Remember how quickly everything changed in a two-month period of time? Even with the riots for George Floyd going on, how quickly our country went to war after 9/11?

Now remember there's between 10 and 12 million illegal immigrants that are already in our country and now we have 8 million more wanting refugee status. Between 2 and 3 million of those 8 million are capable men between the ages of 18 and 42. I have no doubt that many of those people feel duped.

I am very concerned for the safety of our families. It's not the rich people that will pay the price it’s us that send our kids to school, shop the grocery stores that are being robbed by shoplifters driving our prices up even further than inflation already has. It is us that won't be able to walk on the streets for fear of being mugged, it's the unborn generations that will bear the burden of this tremendous national debt, 34 trillion dollars and climbing.

Cities like Chicago and New York are burdened with as much as $2500 a month to care for each person. That is more than $200 billion a year nationwide, and they haven't stopped coming across the southern border and our administration has not stopped them either.

Once again, it's the local governments that shoulder this burden. Where will this $200 billion come from each year, not the rich they don't need social services. Now for the bad news, once again the people responsible for this problem are playing party politics. Where does Jon Tester stand on this issue?

As of February 2024, Jon Tester proudly stood in front of a camera and proclaimed that it is the Republicans fault because they won't vote for the bill to put forward to give the president the power and control over the border, he needs to control the situation. This is simply a lie, there's no other way to say it. President Biden signed over 90 executive orders changing what President Trump had put in place to control the southern border. Therefore, President Biden has executive authority to fix the problem without another new law.

I think you owe the people of Montana and our country an explanation, Jon. Why do you think it's so important to you personally to support 8 million people flooding across our southern border in the last three years? You've been silent till now. The bill that you labeled as an immigration bill, also had more than $100 billion neatly tucked away in the backside of it for killing more people in Ukraine and Israel.

What is the overwhelming national interest that we must have in these foreign wars to cause you to steal money from unborn generations? Is this how you're protecting our way of life Jon? If there's 13,000 a day coming across the border right now and this bill that you support will shut the border down after 5000 contacts each day, and Trump had it down to 500 a day, then what they are doing is purposeful.

Let that sink in, this is our country I'm talking about. Who benefits from all this chaos? Certainly not the family next-door to you. Do they take us for fools? Do any of these rich people that are supposed to be our smartest and brightest running this country understand what it's like to have your neighborhood overrun by people that don't speak our language, don't respect our laws, and take our resources?

How much more do they want from us, how much more do they think they can take from us? Lawlessness is just around the corner and when it breaks it's going to go quick.

My number one concern when I get to Washington DC will be working with anybody that is willing to help fix this problem, we need to shut immigration completely off till we get this under control. I realize that 100% will not be obtainable in this political climate, but that's my goal!

Thank you

- Michael Hummert