Let's send Jon Tester back to his 3rd generation farm he continually talks about!

Vote like your children's future depends on it.

Because It Does!

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Whether we are talking about international or national politics, Democrat or Republican Parties or personal politics. The realist assumes nations, parties, and people will act in a manner that will promote their self-interest.

Why is this important to you? It explains why most of our politicians act in such unpredictable ways. Simply put, we don't know their true motivation since they are inherently dishonest. Let me tell you where my self-interest lies. With the citizens of our country to provide a safe and predictable existence for our families. To create laws that will control our government, and provide opportunity for our future generations.

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I don't have a progressive view

Know Who You're Voting For

I don't know about you, but I have been lied to far too many times by rich people pretending to be our leaders; who think they know what it is like to struggle against poverty in the world’s greatest country. I'm asking for your help to bring us all together and plot a new course for our country.

  • Where all have safety and security for our families
  • Where the rule of law is the same for all
  • Where all our children have equal access to a quality education
  • Where our leaders don't lie to us to secure power and control for their own perverse purposes.
It is not too late, until the last person that knew freedom is gone! Yes, this sounds dire. So does eight million people crossing our southern border in the last three years. Two, possibly three million of them are unaccompanied men 18 to 42 years of age. That the brunt has not yet reached Montana matters not. We are all one nation. If you think I should be silent because I am a Democrat and our party controls current policy regarding the border let me be clear; I am citizen of the United States of America first. That is where I swear my allegiance, not the Democrat party. I am not beholden to anyone or anything except all the people of our country to whom I owe my loyalty.

Now that you know where my loyalties lie, let me tell you a bit about me. I grew up the middle child of five; one older brother and three sisters. My father, a union construction worker who never missed an opportunity to work. My mother left our family when I was eight. Don't be sad for me. This gave me the opportunity at a young age to watch my father struggle through his duty. He taught us all what the meaning of trust, loyalty, duty, and responsibility to family is. We were dirt poor and knew it. Some months it was difficult just to get 50 cents in that little brown envelope for milk at school. Little did I know how much I would need these lessons in duty and responsibility when I was 36 and became a single parent myself for my two daughters.

Family 1
Michael With His Two Daughters
"Just A Reminder That We Were All Young Once"

My best memory of my childhood was when my father rented an old farmhouse when I was 14. That house had a hitching rail out front with “1864” stamped in the post. The “1864”, as Montanans can relate, was not the street or mailbox number! I worked for Pete, the owner of the farm, and made $1.25 an hour. What I learned was priceless.

After high school, I did two years in the Army, married my first wife, then joined the Navy. I loved the Navy for the opportunities it provided me. I started out as a cook on a destroyer. It sounds glamorous to travel around the world on a naval war ship, I assure you it was not built by the same people that built Carnival cruise ships. Although the food was good! We started our family, two beautiful daughters. It was tough, but my wife and I agreed she was to be a stay-at-home mom. As my Navy career progressed, I was awarded the opportunity to pursue a dream of mine and become a deep-sea hardhat salvage diver. I was the only salvage diver in the navy that was also a cook.

Michael Navy
Michael - Diving Training

Cooking Navy 2
Michael As A Cook In The Navy

My first duty station was in Key West, Florida, where I went back to school to become a Marine Mammal Operator. You would most likely know it better as a sea lion and dolphin trainer. The most difficult thing about this duty station was keeping sunscreen on my fair skinned kids!

Military Training Seals
Michael Training Sea Lions

Next, it was back to work as a hardhat diver on a salvage ship as part of a salvage team traveling the world. Whether working in the minefields off the coast of Turkey or manning a safety boat in the middle of the night 20 miles off the coast of Lebanon, ensuring the safety of seal teams exiting a submarine, it was challenging and rewarding. (two salvage pictures, scuba jump, and hardhat diver) My last duty station was as a Diving Instructor at the world's largest salvage diving school, in Panama City Beach Florida. After six years teaching, I was ready to retire in 1996.

Military Training Scuba
Michael - Hardhat Diver On Salvage Ship

Military Training Scuba 1
Graduating Class of Doctors Trained In Diving Technology

My second wife and I loaded up the U-Haul, four kids, three dogs, and camped our way across the country, destination Helena Montana. I graduated from Montana highway patrol Academy in December 1996. I turned down the position they offered in Forsyth. The reality of moving my family was something I would not ask of them, again. I took the only job available in the middle of winter, School bus driver, not a career choice!

In short order I started a home remodeling company. Within two years I was at the crossroads of going big or staying small. I chose to stay small. For me it was not about the money; it was about the families I worked for, and the people that I employed. I've had a grand adventure since I came to Montana in 1996. None of which could be accomplished without the wonderful friends I met here. Whether it be walleye fishing, shed hunting in the Beartooth Wilderness, traveling across glacier Park riding Andy and ponying Barney five of the most memorable days of my life, we crossed one road. Eighteen years later I retired and started a new adventure. My wife and I bought a boat in Florida and spent six months in the wintertime, for three years working on it. I met a lot of great people down there, they had the same dream as me. Freedom.

Michael Fishing
Michael Walleye Fishing

Michael Shed Hunting
Michael Shed Hunting

Michael In Glacier
Michael Enjoying The Outdoors

Running for the United States Senate was not on my bucket list. We can see our country is heading in the wrong direction. Go to issues on the top of the page to see a list of problems and some solutions. I will not be able to get our message out if you don't help. This does not mean money. Go to flyers on the top and print off 50 and pass them out. If you're in front of a business, ask permission first. Make a poster encouraging people to go to this website. Watch my videos on YouTube. They will explain a lot. Question what you believe and have the courage to ask why you believe it. Go to the donate page if you can. There is something everyone can accomplish. We're in this together. Our first hurdle is to dislodge Jon Tester from the Democrat ticket. This will happen June 4, 2024, at the primary. Everyone needs to pick up a democrat primary ballot and help retire Jon Tester.

Thank you,

Michael Hummert.